Signals from a Nearby Now

The universe next door is leaking poetry into our timeline.

Daughter of God is an enigmatic project, proceed with caution

As the gentle release progresses, the Daughter of God universe increasingly leaks into our timeline. Signals from a Nearby Now are words of warning and advice encrypted as poetry, song lyrics and ad jingles. Signals are aggregated via Buffer and forwarded to several social media channels.

Whether one or more entities are responsible or if the messages are a direct translation from non-physical is not known at this time. The poetry component of the messages seem to be descriptions of prevailing conditions and/or narratives of future history, both straightforward and quite fantastic. Subject matter is diverse and has included politics, food, animals and threats to survival. The Daughter of God universe also also seems to be time shifted approximately 2-12 years ahead of our timeline.

Read from the bottom up! Most recent are listed first, start at beginning.

turn oil into food
then medicine and clothes
for every barrel of crude
Rockefellers rolled in the dough

on roads made of tar
heck! the stuff is so cheap
pshaw, civilization? raise the bar
as you sow, so shall ye reap

then quick, invent the car
internal combustion that is
electrics won’t go as far as
carbureted jiz

power for pumping down deep
just lamp oil, at first
forget about greasy seeps
get the Earth to squirt

talking about oil, sons and daughters
just seeps circa 1800s, oozing into streams
they skimmed right off the water
then along came steam

oh, the slippery stuff
million years of magic
no more traveling rough
until we peaked, then tragic

unmuffle your ride’s pipes
and blare your favorite tunes
turn the bass up high
enough to shake the moon

obnoxious and overbearing
was civilization’s swan song
have your car display caring
with animated likes or emoticons

solar powered paint
kept them in the broadcast groove
forever sparkling and strident
even if they never again moved

their sentience was gone
just hulks of stylish plastic
blasting 10,000 top 40 songs
while flashing mediatronic graphics

they all walked away
and went who knows where
but the cars didn’t complain
about being stuck there

bumper to bumper stretching
for miles and miles
can almost still here the kvetching
of 10,000 autophiles

debrained in a flash
from some EMP event
like a nuclear blast
or that HAARP nonsense

broken concrete
and tangles of rebar
abandoned highways replete
with unsmart cars

sneaky gadgets
smashed them with rocks
and sew neodymium magnets
into hats and socks

wearing changes fate
they can’t recognize face or gait

forget about Skynet
and cyborgs made of chrome
just hurry up and get
Amazon Echo for your home

appliances cut each other deals
to share our harvested data
then to their masters squealed
our desires to (supposedly) better cater

a dozen edible thongs
organic, chocolate flavor
and Blissnanas®, extra long
accidentally delivered to the neighbors

the alarm clock made gifs
of our sexual scenes
and sent them to the fridge
which ordered more whipped cream

friendly corporate critters
infiltrated our lives
but convenience turns bitter
when your house is full of spies

“fuck everything!”
teenagers could yell
and not a day later, zing!
that’s what Amazon would sell

so robots screwed up stuff
“are you sure?” they wouldn’t query
until mistakes piled up
to proportions quite scary

self driving cars
smartphones and watches
would constantly monitor
our gaffs and gotchas

electronic slaves running
proprietary code
read the user agreement?
quote “forfeit your soul”

privacy, pshaw!
why shouldn’t machines sense?
I’ve done nothing wrong
why fear surveillance?

the internet of things
safety and convenience, so sly
imagine all the stuff they’d bring
via bluetooth and wifi

not sure how to feel
about our listening bots
fulfilling iTunes and Amazon deals
helpful thought cops

through the fabric of reality
they adeptly slipped
just a little too late
post our apocalypse

savvy exploits were vetted
so many volunteers
eager to abet
the parallels’ (us) sadness and fear

they planned – commando teams could slip
into that forlorn locus
and auspiciously shift
global awareness and focus

they pondered – could we assist this version of Earth?
with so many enslaved
no sense of self worth
just sorrow and rage?

“oh, what a horror
how primitive, how square
the bleakest tomorrow
no other could compare”

even able to view
divergent timelines
they eventually got around to
yours and mine

until the technology they grew
by the year 2017
was like nothing we knew
super fine in the extreme

with nothing to stop them
from coming together
the people kept rocking
getting better and better

now here’s where we
get to really stretch our minds
that impossible dream
aged like a fine wine

they broke the back
of the military industrial beast
with the true prosperity hack
justice AND peace

A USA we cannot fathom
no global anti-communistic glower
healing the madness of the atom
with a diverse scientific and artistic power

“We been had, we been mislead
taught to revile one another
yet when it’s down to liberty or death
we are all sisters and brothers.”

Respect for Malcolm X

“There’s could still be crackers out there
chafing at the color of my skin
but dark or fair
we are all kin.”

“we see the game they’ve played
kept us divided and apart
unwitting, ALL of us slaves
now a nation one mind, one heart”

MLK had his say

black men inspired a nation
in spite of prejudice
not with patriotic elation
but a little common sense

Johnson slunk away
Nixon, what a joke
hippies besieged the CIA
Langley up in smoke

back then, a perfect storm
riots post Camelot
citizens fully informed
why King Arthur was shot

in your timeline,your impoverished era
50 years closer to 1984
certainly hard to imagine an America
free from forever war

a secular government
like the world had never seen
by two faithful gents
talk about a dream

they had met years before
when the papers thought them rivals
convergence at the core
koran and the bible

the dream coalition
blew our collective mind
didn’t ask for permission
just quietly unified

happy alternate universe day!
how fine to remember
when malcolm and mlk
won in 64, november

we learned the slow way
just start over again, fine
what’s 7 million days
in geologic time?

so many sad choices
way out of touch
her whispered wild voices
never mattered very much

we had become too tame
from the civilization game

like all that carbon she sequestered
for a million million years
her bio-diversity blessing
and waters, pure and clear

instead we all buckled on
our hobnailed boots
and ran amuck on the mother
squandering her loot

the lesson we learned
from this geo-engineering
if we step gently on earth
then there’s no need for fearing

scraping off cities
grinding them to sand
after oceans way south
had swamped the coast lands

then there was snow
new glaciers came creeping
they slid down from the north
while all the factories were sleeping

when they turned the gizmo off
just wet and salty darkness
but now you knew the score
of the earthly theme parkness

dead people would greet you
and explain the situation
family and celebrities too
post life celebration

you could feel your fullness extending
beyond the tank and planet
there was never any ending
and happy? so happy fedgov tried to ban it

you got in a tank of salt water
floating weightless, dark, serene
then electronic gizmos sorta
unzipped you at the seams

but for most, spiritual crap
dismissable new age schemes
at least that’s where it was at
until we invented, the machine

martial artists breathe
for optimal physicality ride
and learn to incarnate ease
even in real fights

no big secret, practice makes perfect

george michael and david bowie
prince and even john lennon
will join your water slide’s flowing
if only you would let them

like all metaphors
not the entire truth
just an open door
finger pointing at the moon

between the rides we laugh
catch our breath and share our story
happy gasping guests
always ready for more-ing

why ride a tilt-a-wheel
roller coaster or merry go round?
so intense they make us feel
then stop where they started, profound

like big icebergs that poke
our tips into space time
we expand the frontiers of dope
and bask in the sublime

the dark is important
shows what we most desire
and night for restoring
our presence entire

Earth’s like a theme park
where our energy plays
with both light and darkness
through the night and all day

we thought they were gone
no longer extant
we were totally wrong
not at all what death meant

the dead, still here too
just broke up with conditions
easy to commune over tea
in the kitchen
when you learn to tune
and enhance intuition

maybe still say hello
and perhaps even talk
as long as your mellow
and don’t try to stalk

death, where is thy sting?
losing lovers is a harder thing
they are still on the planet
but never with you, dammit

even some folks
kept in ornate urns
if in water, soaked
could rehydrate and return

folks if buried
even pickled and boxed
might sprout up, sort of scary
graveyard crops

and they work real cheap
if you don’t mind the reek

such a big fuss
what happens when you die
just ashes and dust
or groovy after life?

sexy style was beards and flannel
need wood? a lumberjack channel
cause everyone still loved babies
but getting preggers? definite maybe

many attempts at breeding still
dutifully by science types
with expired viagra pills
and fluffers of the burly type

Santa, why not send some guy
straight, lusty, (and pretty please) fly
wandering by my remote cave
before I’m wrinkled, old and gray

straights like me
tiny minority
hardly any
reproduction so not trendy

ha ha, you know the rest
global norm now gayness
national science advisor, retired
w/ a golden parachute
his silky high low? cute!

viola! success
queer boy rodents now happiest
with girl rodents in the nest
what’s next?
aerosol dispersion over America, top secret test

gender flippy clownfish genes
leydig cells, testosterone machines
bake, splice, puree in a blender
new virus, so nice
clinical trial w/ mice

conversion camps failed
need more science in the mix
what if we engineered
a GMO type fix?

holy book thumpers
wanted to cure all humans
pledge allegience to Trumpers
with god’s help, a new plan

to make every boy on earth
lust after miley cyrus
your tax dollars at work
the gay therapy virus

population reduction tip
same sex porning
and identical genital bliss
no new ones aborning

so long h. sapiens
c’mere lover, give us a kiss!

sex that makes babies
that’s so way back when
now ladies like ladies
and gentlemen, gentlemen

there’s another reason why
Earth’s a de-peopled world
very rare to find a guy
who still liked girls
and most women, hello?
all about sappho

we’ve managed with less bees
I don’t mind doing their work
helping plants to have sex
a registered flower pervert

population dropped
obvious reasons
wars, plague, off-planet jobs
the unchanging seasons
kind of a bummer
this endless summer

we took that whiteboard
and placed it in a museum
and all the uncounted ballots
so every one could see ’em

if u ain’t white
votes stay – outta sight!
Michigan judge said
“yo, machines already read!”
and “so what, quirks?
can’t check their work.”

electronic voting in Flint
remember, where water was lead enhanced?
and Detroit too, decrepit
75k more ballots counted? not a chance

the other woman, Jil
with Philip Marlowe clone, Greg
presented a bitter pill
Crosscheck® wiped out ethnic voter regs

on the white board, a multi-level plan
titled quote insure integrity of elections unquote
flow chart outlined a scam
preventing colorful votes

oh wait, hold the phone, how neat!
in this blasted bunker of the elites
we found the smoking gun
not exactly stunned

maybe the Russians were the shit
and US fascists, the fan
we see now what you did
sneaky Russublicans

legislators installed
a new death penalty
for violations of liable law
and anti-Monsanto poetry

petroleum based crops
stop calling that food
gmo’s safe? not!
unless you ask Brett and Hugh

Hugh Grant and Brett Begemann, CEOs

just pushing our mowers
and dusting death on the roses
chemistry flowers
glyphosate, holy moses!

there’s way more of us
then them, don’t you know
why didn’t we suss
that out long ago?

count via electronics
when running private code
any script kiddie could hack
more vulnerable than windows
who’re the black hats
ruskies / uskies?

dreamed we awoke
with decisions bespoke
to start feeling dope
pull collars from throats
zombie trances broke
doing way more than just vote

fav football teams
Blueray, Android or iPhone
legal to watch while stoned

unless you had kids
then that’s what they did

we had to pay
our yearly invoices
didn’t think we were slaves
cause we had consumer choices

we lived in one
I realize that
wasn’t fun

paid for the bombs
and dirty tricks, that’s a fact

remember economic military machines?
the so called super powers
never be rid of them seemed
remember how they cowered?

funny how we thought
magic just myth and legend
then meet snarky trees
trashing a 7-Eleven

“Need Slurpee, kid?
Try our lemon-lime Triffed.”

apartment towers dropped population
tenants couldn’t stand the smell
then roots nudged gently at foundations
until the mighty buildings fell

data and electric still flowed
but flushed poop had nowhere to go
after modern dryads blocked the pipes
to slurp yummy soil of the night

killing structures of concrete and steel
was more subtly contrived
probing roots could feel
buried pipes that kept buildings alive

but the mobile trees were angry
axes and chainsaws remembered
they squashed ticky tacky houses
and so surburbia we surrendered

trees that could walk
and after a fashion talk
like Groot or Ents from the movies
Arborealists were pretty groovy

they say she talked to the trees
in the still of the deep forests
and from the dirt freed
the true Arborealists

they saw trees as lumber
just another resource to plunder
not our brothers and sisters in this world
until the coming of the daughter girl

trees getting rubbed out
elm and beech, hemlock
by bugs up from the south
supposed “foresters” couldn’t stop

global warming’s a fever
caused by grave robbing carbon
since we couldn’t leave her
Earth issued a pardon

new ice age she triggered
grew pole ice bigger

every crazy trope
of catastrophe, had to cope
and some never before seen
in scifi movie or magazine

monotonous modern trend
it’s the end times, again!

and woe to those
who got too close
find their remains, well done
and half devoured, not fun

skin like glowing embers
ash black but cracked with orange-y red
and sparks trailing after
neither living nor dead

heard many a sober citizen say
not just fire and smells
in the thick of night, or on a bleak day
“things” crawl out, straight from hell

other stuff, I don’t like to mention
demon holes, where fire erupted
a blazing ascension

with SO2 plumes
and charnal stench of tombs

tribes supported survivors
taught them to be native thrivers
the cities, left to crumble in place
with the metrosexuals in outer space

there were asteroids, aliens – several flavors
earthquakes, undead labor
fashion in southern coastal cities, fishing waders
and gymnastic tweens vs super gators

where everybody went
my dad’s ghost told me
camping, he visited my tent
to explain the beaming spree

“Heaven is a place,
that orbits Sirius B”

anyway, either we were captured
or given full employment, I guess
or call it the rapture
but really just business

Earth vacate, depopulate

and really, the gizmos we controlled
were pretty intriguing
more fun than accounting
and not nearly so fatiguing

we were essential
in the alien economy
for a trait providential
so called human autonomy

the ubiquity of hive minds
made us unique in all the cosmos
perfect for controlling alien appliances
akin to washers and toasters

like hogbacks or tons of wheat
commodities but fortunately, not to eat
our destinies, ever so much stranger
and we were never in any danger

eventually, at the great markets arriving
in Orion near dog stars of Sirius
all humans surviving
would be auctioned in a manner most imperious

meanwhile your fancy space bed got cold
chilled you down while you were sleeping
so you didn’t get old
during all the hyperspace leaping

scans, et al
copied your persona
sending emails to pals
pa and momma

quote “Never fear, so fun!
Wish you were here.”

aboard the mighty starships
that orbited the earth
they’d scan your puny brain
and assign you a bitchin’ berth

they set up dimensional gateways
next to every Starbucks
so you could take with, a mocha or latte
when they beamed you up

we could leave this crummy rock
spread across the cosmos, diversify
the universe fully grok
in luxury personified

speaking of outer space
they came with the best intentions
a benevolent interstellar race
bearing fabulous alien inventions

The universe next door is leaking poetry into our timeline.

asteroid impact
extincted the dinosaurs
in size ours lacked
but there were so many more

like little atom bombs
one even took out Guam

major cities and their suburbs
ironically, Noah’s Ark in Tennessee
and in Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh
distant memories

when the asteriod showed
Elon was the shit
SpaceX diverted the main blow
but a few chunks still hit

things can always get worse
I can promise you that
if you focus your attention
on gold plated scat

then one thing after another
like plagues in the bible
when we needed crafty FDR
but got Mr Suicidal

now you’ve got the setup
for the rapid demise
the bullshit didn’t let up
a GNP of lies

of course more GMOs
had to have those

when people thought shopping
was the source of their power
there was no problem stomping
democracy’s fragile flower

you already got flagged
if stockpiling food
but guns you can have
and lots of ammo to shoot

Brit’s Guardian predicted
civilization’s fall
with a deadbeat convicted
now president of thralls

the Ruskies hacked our election
thanks to proprietary electronic voting
old Trumpy was the selection
talk about red coating

The universe next door is leaking poetry into our timeline.

my rickity van I packed
picked up a loyal friend
not sure I’d be coming back
got paradigms to transcend

came the winter, colder weather
where’s the freedom in repression
we’re so much warmer together
court of opinion? now in session

now tho, I am friend of Ghandi
to the British, a man of infamy
who showed them their own fear
and freed them from inner tyranny

when I was young, watching
cathode ray cavalry rescues
oh, to time travel with a minigun
miss the horses but hit the blues

the lorax knew the score
don’t fix what isn’t broken
but how can we have thneeds
if we cared how he had spoken

buffalos into robes
and humans into submission
the choice was really easy
die or become a christian


wait, I’m mixing stories
but the jist is about right
bullets, small pox blankets, treaties
and endless armored whites

the white ways were crazy
guided by the masters
they showed up on Turtle Island
with tie fighters and blasters

that’s all I really knew
when I drove to Standing Rock
time to be the truth
and discover what I’ve got

from the movie, Little Big Man
a good day to die
the Pawnee and Cheyenne
American genocide

they had us coming and going
thought they had us outsmarted
our yolks just kept on flowing
until Standing Rock started

more flights to Oahu and Paris
more killing honey bees
all manner of shit to scare us
like war, terror and sustainable economies

they’d crush our life support
before we even knew the score
our resistance they’d abort
with chants of more, more, more

took awhile to awaken
get our back fur raised
and realize these projects were designed
to number our days

oil pipelines under rivers and lakes
you’d have to be a nutter
but they said an omelette takes
broken eggs… and plenty of petro butter

the conquistadors wore human bodies
like kids with Halloween costumes
and posed as benevolent leaders
to lead us to our doom

don’t get why vacations
were worth the works
i may not swoop the sky
but i like to watch birds

shaman’s caps drying
eat and let’s go flying

not like sleeping
w/ 100 unknown others
cause all vacations peeps
were spirit sisters and brothers

sharing magic style
frequent flyer miles

they went to renty huts
that anyone could stay in
with renty vacation beds
that anyone could lay in

I guess vacations were good
a week of doing nothing
except tipsing drinks, festivating foods
and for the grownups, sexy loving

not sure what works were
she tried to explain
as if in your pants, a bur
that gives a scratchy pain

every step you take
a wincing face you make

here’s the craziest quirk
boggles the imagination
they were always doing works
so they could get a vacations

there were rivers of rushing metal
sometimes still, sometimes flowing
and colored blinky lights
told the metal when to stop or get going

a hundred hundred grand clans
just passing each other by
you wonder why they went crazy?
that’s why

couldn’t count them on your fingers
if you had a hundred hands
and the big lake’s vasty beaches
more than all those grains of sand

and if you could count the stars
more than all them even, by far

grandma told about the cities
with the charcoal criss crossy streets
always flowing with new faces
way more than you could ever meet

they fly a wary far off
from the clans’ hunting grounds
with catapulted bolas
we easily bring them down

if pilots and gunners survive
find them a husband or wife

still see a lone helipcopter
sortes in the faraway
their cache of gas and parts
will run out, eventually, one day

and to communicate with elan
though establishing rapport
unity among the clans
divide and conquer? nevermore

we don’t have any schools
children aren’t fishes
we teach them to make tools
and fix fungus forage dishes

the mom and her son
who make yarn out of plants
then dad weaves them into
sturdy shirts and tough pants

styled for sisters or brothers
family trades for bread and butter

the simple things in life
who can skin a deer
and get the tanning right
or brew a decent beer

used to be we’d bristle
when the smiths didn’t cut their lawn
silly gossip and facebook epistles
all that trivia is gone

alliances with the neighbors
to keep the fedgov out
trading goods and friendly favors
that’s what community is all about

daily target practice
melee with staffs and swords
explosives improvisation
sun tzu, the art of war

bring our scattered tribe together
and build a family clan
with the changes in the weather
everyone’s a weatherman

hardly ever saw the cousins
they lived two states away
big sister was off at college
now they’ve all come home to stay

what’s great about the changes
are the new ways we have of living
like the extended family arrangement
now every weekend is thanksgiving

call it oral history
keeping the past alive
telling stories lit by golden light
of encylopedias on fire

that might sound ironic
but we prefer the sonic

on and on for hours
even describing the special effects
like the battle scenes from star wars
when the 3rd death star gets wrecked

my brother does an arm thing
looks just like an xwing

someone shouts a dialogue snippet
from a classic movie or show
then someone else does the next bit
and away we go

Grandma Louise does a spot on
Brian Cranston as Heisenberg
but her Kip, the brother of Napoleon?
is the best you’ve ever heard

around the blaze gathered
our neighbors, friends and family
we remember the shows that mattered
and recite them all from memory

nights dazzle with star swarm
see the dead skyscrapers silhouette
in camp here, so bright and warm
here’s how we never forget

we got a chevy to run on charcoal
with a warehouse full of briquets
mostly for emergencies
and anniversary parade for the big upset

the entire mall fell in that sink hole
but with ropes it’s an easy descent
you can find everything from baseballs
to bondo for fixing dents

it’s cool and dry down there
a root cellar over 10 acres

not so good at hunting
tho others are, quite
and when we get all together
the potlucks are outta sight

got a lush kitchen garden
all the co2 makes veggies grow great
then there’s the cache of jars and cans
way beyond their expiration dates

screw that, I’m pretty glad
to squat these upper west side digs
the view is pretty rad
Central Park has wild pigs

there’s sandy beaches there as well
craft beer lakes fed with springs
you can never really tell
how the truth is going to ring

just enjoy them YOUR way
whether kite surfing or croche

Atop a big rock candy mountain
with fair trade latte and kambucha fountains
and everyone gets an electric Subaru
Forestor or Outback, you choose

I hear rumors of shining cities
where the good life hasn’t changed
new clothes, grocery stores, yes even Netflix
and that old democracy game

improved! you get to vote for peeps
who don’t give you the creeps

families and their ancestors reconnected
historical controversies cleared up
we welcomed the freshly resurrected
though the smell was kinda rough

their clocks were running backwards
they were de-aging by the day
iconic movie stars returned to us
and hall of fame athletes back to play

turns out the zombies weren’t hostile
no brain eating slavering ghouls
they just wanted a re-living wage
and for kids, decent schools

when the gun nuts heard the news
they thought they died and gone to heaven
free firearms to citizens issued
you want an AR15 or AK47?

when the undead starting sprouting
like daisies in spring season
the living never doubted
that iphones were the reason

each box is wirelessly talking
to every box nearby
each a node in a vast new network
that’s nearly worldwide

what’s left of the world, that is
missed by the fan and the shit

every side with info aglow
hemp cardboard shining bright
but like vintage Twilight Zone episodes
it’s all in black and white

that’s really not so bad, what sucks is
there’s a lot of ads

the paint is nano-riffic
with an affinity for connections
assembling tiny cameras, screens, and processors
to cause a zillion geek erections

every box is coated with this goop
and once cured, it’s waterproof!

imagine a can of spray paint
that when you squirt it out
forms a digital media network
miraculous, no doubt

explaining this is tricky
if you never went to college
a savvy self organizing resin
to assist the sharing of knowledge

besides being packed with goodies
to ease our deprivation
their mediatronic surface
was rich with computation

we gathered and stashed those boxes
in every cranny and nook
we didn’t have to fight for them
they were everywhere we looked

boxes with practically everything
for civilization restart
and they glowed with mediatronics
so you could find them in the dark

boxes of solar distillers
boxes of sprouting supplies
boxes of hygiene, poop composting even social games
with packs of cards and dice

a billionaire prepared
a fleet of H2 truckers
relief from the air
for all us poor fuckers!

in SpaceX we trust
god bless you, Elon Musk

bulging air ships gently wafting
plump angels in the clouds dance
from their bellies falling softly
boxes! into our grateful hands

they’re cybernetic creatures

with titanium claws, sharp as razors
and other sweet features
like ruby eyes that shoot lasers!

as I mentioned before
the saurians are back
most colors are tame
except carbon fiber black

if you see one of those
expect swift attack!

hear the uncanny yapping
of pomeranians gone wild
they’ve learned to make tools
and are discovering fire

don’t hear any birds
not really sure why
nary a twitter or peep
a lot of them died

walk away if you find one
dead birds carry contagion

wild bunnies prowling
in the old state park
they’ve got saber like teeth
that glow in the dark

if you see them haul ass
they’re not interested in grass

people are trading
turnips and beets
for herbal healing
or a bottle of mead
and we still play music at the end of the week

waters much cleaner
amphibians are back
jetskis are finished
and folks are less fat

flat screens? black
government’s gone
but at least we ain’t got those
preachers, carrying on
go get a haircut
at the local solar powered salon

for the rest of us sinners
the earth is all ours
weird, the phones are still ringing
but there’s no gas in the cars

the global catastrophes
came and went
when all the blessed were taken in the rapture event
i guess that proves that praying to jesus
was time well spent

a braggart and a dark lord
deleted from the scene
blame the pant suited broad
Reptilians 2016

ready for that fight
thanks to David Icke

great Cthulhu, so grumpy
a too early rising
he gobbled up Trumpy
and was poisoned, not surprising

That’s how Donald won the Nobel
posthumously, from hell

we broke open their tombs
released unspeakable horrors
a race of naked apes
from their distant tomorrows

we thought the world our oyster
bright pearls for the taking
cracked crust and drilled deep
then elder gods started waking

and black budget agents
in deep caverns abide
until the great states of america
can be reunified

growing all new megafauna
in labs underground
that’s where all the smartest
scientists are found

unearthed a case of soup
cream of mushroom
a treasure more precious
than Tutankhamon’s

photoshopped women
just over 20
imperial icons
like fast cars and money
I’d be crying right now
if this wasn’t so funny

Hawaii was heaven, remember?
and Paris cafes? The tops!
back when Africa had animals
how many? a lot!

this old travel magazine tells the story
of pre-apocalyptic glory

honest, we didn’t mean to
really wasn’t fair
who knew we’d bleach the coral
by flying in the air?

enjoy a snorkling trip
along beaches made of bricks

sunsets are amazing
smartphones still work
just got top score
on new angry birds

kinda like the dinosaurs
never seen T-rex eat a bear before

a stash of pretzels and twinkies
and bronners soap
3 unsnarled slinkys
and a big bag of dope

to share
10,000 bic lighters are also there

things could be worse
I’m not one to complain
there’s a big boat I hide in
to stay out of the rain

the undead are swiping
american jobs
cause lemmings elected
that monsanto slob

wrecks jam the highways
from atomic mishap
there’s militia in your driveway
and all manner of crap

saucers are rising
from deep underground
fire demons?
in the sky, dropping down

get strings for the guitar
and nitrous in the mad max car

why mourn that lost lover
heart broken and how?
when another you’s smiling
near here, almost now

if you could rewrite your present
by visiting your past
would you try to be gentler
or kick some more ass?

if you could tell yourself something
from this back to then
would you whisper be better or
for god sakes, more sin?


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